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Why choose a security solution from Kippr?

Secure IT operations ensure an effective workplace and services that enhance your companies security on its PCs and tablets.
Sikkerhedspakke Microsoft EM&S E3

Security Package Microsoft EM&S E3

USD 9 month excl. VAT
Microsoft EM&S is a security solution that
is delivered as a service. The solution can be delivered as a total service or as just a part of the overall service.
Identity and Access Management
Active Directory Premium
• A local identity in the data centre and in the cloud
• Log in with a user name and password to the most frequently used programs
• Secure log-in with two-factor authentication using your mobile phone (for example)
• Self-service password reset
• Protection of information and documents
Azure Information Protection
• Easily introduce new protection measures without disturbing your employees or their work
• Classify data based on sensitivity and labels either manually or automatically
• Encrypt sensitive data and define user rights in accordance with your needs
• See what happens to your shared data and get more control over your digital information
Prevent attacks using behaviour analyses
Advanced Threat Analytics
• Behaviour analyses for the advanced detection of threats
• Detection of known malicious attacks and vulnerabilities
• Simple and action-oriented warnings about suspicious activity with recommended actions
• Integration with existing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems
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Klientsupport Premium

Premium Client Support

USD 43 per month excl. VAT
• The "Remote PC" service gives our support centre the ability to access your PC remotely in order to undertake troubleshooting and implement corrective measures. 
• The "Antivirus" service protects against viruses, worms and spyware. It ensures that you always have an antivirus program installed and that it is kept up-to-date at all times.
• The "Web Protection" service protects your PC against harmful content from web pages. It uses a categorisation function to block defined web pages and protect your PC from virus attacks.
• The "Automatic Software Update" service performs automatic updates to Microsoft Windows, Java, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash and the most widely used web browsers.
• The "Reporting" service produces status reports on your PC. These reports are then sent out to you once per month in PDF format.
• The "Client Support" service includes support and diagnostics, as well as the mapping and rectification of errors in standard programs.
• The "Response" service kicks in when you send an error message to our support centre and ensures a response time of no more than two hours.
• The "PC Status" service provides real-time information about the system installed on your PC. It enables our support centre to detect undesirable incidents before the problems occur, ensuring that corrective measures can be put in place at an early stage.
• The "Back-up" service ensures the safe storage of defined data areas on your PC. Your data is encrypted and uploaded onto an external cloud-based hard drive. You can restore data from the external hard drive to your PC independently or with help from our support centre. Unlimited storage
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Brannmur som tjeneste

Firewall as a Service

From USD 43.35 per month excl. VAT

Kippr Firewall as a Service is a security solution that protects your company’s infrastructure against unwanted computer attacks. The service is provided for a fixed monthly cost and offers a guaranteed response time of two hours.


The service includes:

• Hardware
• Software
• Software updates
• Customisation and optimisation
• Support and troubleshooting

The Kippr Firewall as a Service ensures that your company is protected at all times by a security solution that gives you front-line defence of your IT infrastructure.

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Is your business keeping abreast of its security challenges?

The range of threats are changing all the time, and cyber criminals looking to break into company IT solutions are constantly becoming more and more sophisticated.
At the same time, governments and public agencies are bringing in new regulations and requirements which seek to protect personal data and IT security. The GDPR is one example of such legislation.
By using identity-driven security solutions, we can help increase the IT security on your favourite apps and devices. This service also gives you a simple log-in function across devices, at your data centre and in the cloud.
The security services are updated on a continuous basis in response to the constantly changing range of threats.

Are you looking for an IT provider for your business that can guarantee personal commitment, top-level service and satisfied customers?

Our advisors have extensive experience in the IT sector and can help you tailor solutions for your company.


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