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Why choose a network solution from Kippr?

A network from Kippr is your digital foundation.
Complete network solutions with support agreements. 
Availability, security and mobility are all tailored to your needs
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WiFi as a Service

From USD 27.85 per month

Kippr WiFi as a Service is a wireless network solution. The services are tailored to your company’s needs and come at a fixed monthly price which includes wireless points and support services. The service offers a guaranteed response time of two hours or less.


The service includes:

– Radio planning

– Access point

– Licenses

– Internet

– Guest access with SMS authentication

– Optimisation

– Support and troubleshooting


Kippr Wireless as a Service can be easily upgraded and developed by future expansions.

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Firewall as a Service

From USD 42.50 usd per month

Kippr Firewall as a Service is a security solution that protects your company against unwanted computer attacks. The service is provided for a fixed monthly cost and offers a guaranteed response time of two hours.


The service includes:

– Hardware

– Software

– Software updates

– Customisation and optimisation

– Support and troubleshooting

With this Kippr service in place, your company will be guaranteed a firewall solution that provides front-line defence for your IT infrastructure.

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Network as a Service

From USD 25.00 per month

Kippr is a turnkey supplier of infrastructure. This means that we can deliver a complete solution that allows the various devices on your network to communicate seamlessly with one another no matter how many physical locations you have.


Solutions that can be delivered include:
– Network switches

– Routers

– Firewalls

– Communication solutions


Kippr takes responsibility for the mapping, design, commissioning and support of your network solutions
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Kippr network services provide your company with access to a range of solutions that ensure stability at a fixed cost – with no big initial outlays. Kippr takes responsibility for ensuring that the services are available at all times. Software updates, configurations, troubleshooting and debugging are all part of the service.

Kippr delivers complete network solutions that are tailored to your business, offering everything from local networks through to complex network solutions that span over several geographical locations.

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