Imagine a day when none of your employees experience any IT problems whatsoever and user experience is top notch across the board.
Imagine that you have just one single point of contact for all your IT services which you can use to make changes or request guidance.
Imagine that you have an IT supplier that makes sure you are free to concentrate on your own company and core business.

Developments within IT have always been fast. Over the last few years, the speed has picked up significantly. This has resulted in a multitude of new possibilities for both the public and private sectors. It has significantly changed our way of thinking and working. But at the same time, complexity has also increased and new challenges have arisen.


Our job is to make sure your IT services always function properly.

Our company name sums up the core of what it is we offer our customers:
Knowledge – Innovation – Progression – Productivity – Results

Kippr provides a host of different services ranging from consultancy services through to the delivery of complete, operational IT solutions. As a turnkey supplier, we offer our customers a single point of contact for all services and products.


Our vision is:
To be a leading supplier of complete IT services



Kippr was founded in 2002 under the name of Itum Oslo. The company changed its name to Kippr on 1 July 2017. The business got its start delivering hardware/software, consultancy services and maintenance agreements. Today, Kippr specialises in service-based deliveries of IT products.